• In a divided Washington, protecting seniors’ health care is an issue where everyone agrees

    December 03, 2018
    As lawmakers work to advance final legislative proposals, Congress has the chance to take decisive action on one issue that has bipartisan support: protecting seniors’ access to essential, life-saving lab services. Recognizing the critical role of routine testing for patient health and overall cost savings, more than 30 organizations representing patients, health care professionals, laboratories and diagnostic manufacturers are calling on Congress to takeContinue Reading »...
  • When Rhetoric Doesn’t Match Reality – Why Claims of Overutilization Ignore the Real Dollar Signs

    August 17, 2018
    Today, decades of medical progress have contributed to a sea change in how we treat the most serious and complex health issues. We’ve seen ground-breaking innovations that allow us to identify diseases like cancer and HIV-AIDS and intervene with targeted, comprehensive care plans. Laboratory tests are the starting point for this next generation of care delivery. While much attention has been paid to theContinue Reading »...
  • Market-Based in Practice, Not Just Theory

    July 26, 2018
    One of the driving forces in today’s health system is the goal of promoting and maintaining a competitive market for patients. In a “market-based” health system, consumers see the direct benefit of labs competing on quality, cost and services available – rather than an arbitrary, one-size-fits-all approach that fails to achieve any of these goals. In fact, that was one of the prevailing incentivesContinue Reading »...
  • Laboratory Developed Tests: Ground Zero in the Push Towards Personalized Medicine

    June 12, 2018
    For the many patients who suffer from rare or complex conditions, the certainty that comes from knowing a diagnosis and moving forward with a treatment plan is one of the most powerful – and personal – moments in health care. That certainty and clarity comes from the ground-breaking innovations underway in bringing new laboratory developed tests to millions of Americans across the country. LaboratoryContinue Reading »...
  • Recent NILA report highlights harmful impacts of misguided PAMA implementation on labs and seniors

    May 15, 2018
    A report recently published by the National Independent Laboratory Association (NILA), highlights the ways in which the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) is undermining the nation’s clinical laboratory infrastructure. Specifically, the report demonstrates the harmful impacts the legislation has already had on community and regional labs across the country and the threats current PAMA implementation poses to seniors’ access to lifesaving clinical tests.Continue Reading »...
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