Prioritizing Actionable Data to Help Clinicians Care for Patients and Improve Their Outcomes 

April 28, 2022 Categories: ACLA Blog, Laboratory Professionals Week, ACLA News

This Laboratory Professionals Week, we honor the innovators, collaborators and colleagues who have gone above and beyond behind the scenes to meet patient need. Today, ACLA is celebrating Josh Corbin, Director of Clinical Operations at Precision Diagnostics, who attributes robotic process improvement as a key factor in achieving more accurate and reliable data to improve patient care. 

In the nine years since Josh Corbin joined Precision Diagnostics as a laboratory technician, he’s seen a variety of advancements in the technology laboratory professionals rely on daily. Today, as Precision Diagnostics’ Director of Clinical Operations, Josh cites robotic process improvement as the most impactful advancement he’s seen during those years. 

“Before using robotics, it was difficult and time consuming to process a sample because the required tools needed for sample processing often could not communicate with each other,” explains Josh. “Now, robotic process improvement helps us communicate across all systems and allows clinical lab professionals to access more accurate and reliable data to improve patient outcomes.” 

From urine drug testing to oral fluid testing, everything at Precision Diagnostics requires, well, precision. And as the opioid crisis continues to ravage communities across the country, the focus on precision is on display. High-sensitivity technology and rapid results allow Precision Diagnostics to paint a more complete picture of a patient’s health status – something that health care providers and drug monitoring programs depend on every day. 

“We strive to provide actionable data that gives clinicians the information they need to showcase what’s going on with a patient. Ensuring that information is accurate and reliable is our top priority and robotic process improvement has made that a reality while also enabling us to serve more patients,” adds Josh. 

Kevin Krock, Precision Diagnostics’ Director of Business Operations & Associate Laboratory Director says it’s business as usual for Josh and his team. 

“Josh leads the entire lab by example,” says Kevin. “Whether it’s accessioning samples on a busy Saturday or going back to school to qualify for his state license, his dedication to the employees and the important work they do here at Precision is always on display.” 

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