About Us


Since 1971, ACLA has been the leading voice for solutions that expand access to the vital clinical laboratory tests millions of patients depend on for their health. America’s clinical laboratories play a fundamental role in expanding a value-based health care system by advancing the next generation of precision medicine and care delivery; providing accurate and reliable diagnoses for acute, infectious and chronic disease; supporting providers, hospitals and patients in developing personalized treatment plans; and preventing serious, costly health complications that burden patients and the health system.

In Washington, ACLA and its members advocate for reforms that improve patient care by:

Providing broad access to accurate and reliable clinical laboratory tests across public and private insurance programs;

Supporting a clear regulatory framework and market pathway for new, innovative laboratory diagnostics, including laboratory developed tests (LDTs) and in-vitro diagnostics; and

Improving care coordination among providers, hospitals and clinical laboratories. 

Our member companies participate directly with ACLA by designating individuals to represent them on a number of advisory committees designed to deal with a variety of issues of ongoing importance to clinical laboratories and the patients we serve.


The following principles of conduct guide ACLA member companies’ dealings with patients, payors and the medical community. Each ACLA member company pledges to:

  • Improve public health, well-being and safety by providing the highest quality laboratory testing services to:
    • Aid in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease;
    • Promote the maintenance of good health; and
    • Enable patients to receive the highest level of care.
  • Protect patient welfare and confidentiality by reporting test results only to those authorized by law to receive such results.
  • Safeguard public health, occupational safety, and the environment.
  • Conduct business practices in a fair and ethical manner.
  • Comply with federal, state and local regulations which govern the laboratory industry and its employees.