With the help of clinical labs, “The Fight Is In Us” aims to boost convalescent plasma donations nationwide

July 30, 2020 Categories: ACLA Blog, ACLA News, All News, Featured News

ACLA member laboratories have been committed from the earliest stages of this pandemic to do everything possible to support the fight against COVID-19, performing nearly 27 million molecular tests for the virus while pioneering a wide range of innovative approaches to meet testing demand.

As part of our ongoing work to support public health partners, ACLA is proud to support efforts to significantly increase donations of convalescent plasma, which has the potential to combat the virus and help save lives.

Patients infected with COVID-19 develop antibodies – proteins developed by the immune system to help fight infections. These antibodies are found in a survivor’s blood plasma. COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma, or CCP, can then be collected from a recovered patient and then transfused into the blood of a sick patient, or used to help develop another potential treatment.

Participating ACLA member laboratories will send communications to targeted individuals encouraging them to donate their plasma and directing them to The Fight Is In Us, where they can confirm eligibility and find a donation center.

To be eligible to donate, individuals need to have had a previous COVID-19 infection as documented by a laboratory test, an antibody test, or clinical diagnosis, be fully recovered, and meet other donor criteria as specified by the collection facility.

For more information on how to donate, visit The Fight Is In Us.

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