ACLA Statement on President Biden’s Actions to Close Coverage Gaps for COVID-19 Testing

Washington, D.C. Following the Biden Administration’s new guidance on coverage requirements for COVID-19 testing, ACLA President Julie Khani released the following statement:

“President Biden’s decisive action today takes critical steps to close coverage gaps and protect access to the COVID-19 testing patients need.

In June, guidance from the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and Treasury muddied the clear coverage mandates passed by Congress that required comprehensive health plans to cover COVID-19 testing without cost sharing, prior authorization or medical management. Since then, patients have faced a patchwork of coverage policies that drives uncertainty and undermines federal response efforts.

Americans should be able to access the COVID-19 testing they need without hesitation—and without fear that a claim will be denied by their health plan. Today we join patients and their families in celebrating this long-sought clarification. 

We look forward to continuing to review the latest announcement from the Administration and discussing it with our members in the coming days.”

To read the letter ACLA sent to the Biden Administration this week regarding COVID-19 testing and coverage, click here.


The American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA) is the national trade association representing leading laboratories that deliver essential diagnostic health information to patients and providers. ACLA members are at the forefront of driving diagnostic innovation to meet the country’s evolving health care needs and provide vital clinical laboratory tests that identify and prevent infectious, acute and chronic disease. ACLA works to advance the next generation of health care delivery through policies that expand access to lifesaving testing services.

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