ACLA Response to the New York Times’ Article on NIPT

January 10, 2022 Categories: Comments and Letters, ACLA News

The following is ACLA’s submitted response to the New York Times’ January 1, 2022 Article on Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT).

The Times’ Jan. 1 article presents a misleading picture of the role prenatal genetic screening tests play in the full scope of care patients may receive under the direction of their doctors and in consultation with genetic counselors. It also excludes any mention of the comprehensive regulatory requirements and patient protections CLIA-certified labs follow to ensure the reliability of these screening tests.

These tests, like all screening tests, are optional and intended to provide a preliminary assessment of potential risk for certain health issues and are not equivalent to, nor intended to be used as, diagnostic tests for specific fetal conditions. Additionally, screening tests are an important precursor to identify individuals with elevated risk who are most suitable for subsequent diagnostic testing, which is typically more invasive and more expensive.

Ignoring the safeguards in place and failing to tell the full story paints an incomplete picture for patients.

Tom Sparkman, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and Policy, American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA)

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