ACLA Applauds Administration’s Designation of Fentanyl-Xylazine Combination as Emerging Threat

April 12, 2023 Categories: ACLA News, ACLA Press Releases, Regulatory Issues

Washington, D.C. – The American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA) released the following statement in response to the Biden-Harris Administration designating fentanyl-xylazine as an emerging threat: 

“The American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA) thanks the Biden-Harris Administration’s Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), led by Dr. Rahul Gupta, for recognizing the significant health risks associated with the combination of fentanyl and xylazine. Identifying this threat as a national health risk will help reduce the ongoing negative impact that this substance combination has on the current overdose crisis and should aid in reducing unnecessary deaths. ACLA applauds the Administration’s plans to develop a national response plan that includes an emphasis on testing for these substances. Tackling this issue will require a significant coordination of public and private sector efforts to protect Americans across the country.

Clinical laboratory-developed definitive drug testing for fentanyl, xylazine, and many other illicitly-manufactured compounds that are currently in circulation can and should be employed to assist with early identification of use of these substances. Early identification of these compounds via this necessary testing modality is key to appropriate treatment and reduction of overdose risk.

ACLA strongly encourages public and private payers to employ appropriately robust payment and coverage policies for definitive drug testing to ensure widespread and equitable patient access to these essential services.”


The American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA) is the national trade association representing leading laboratories that deliver essential diagnostic health information to patients and providers. ACLA members are at the forefront of driving diagnostic innovation to meet the country’s evolving health care needs and provide vital clinical laboratory tests that identify and prevent infectious, acute and chronic disease. ACLA works to advance the next generation of health care delivery through policies that expand access to lifesaving testing services.

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