Comments Regarding Appropriate Use of Clinical Laboratory Testing

April 04, 2012 Categories: Comments and Letters, Reimbursement and Coverage


April 4, 2012

ACLA Comments on Choosing Wisely and Appropriate Use of Clinical Laboratory Testing


The American Clinical Laboratory Association welcomes the Choosing Wisely effort and is now reviewing the report. We applaud continued efforts by physicians and medical groups to bring their expertise and evidence to bear in the effort to encourage appropriate utilization of medical testing.

We note that most of the tests listed involve medical imaging, but we believe the use of any diagnostic test should be based on sound evidence, individual patient need, and shared decision-making between doctor and patient.

It should be noted that the Rand Institute issued a report in the New England Journal of Medicine pointing out that the biggest problem in preventive care was not overuse but underuse, including underuse of lab tests for diabetes, colon cancer, HIV, and chlamydia. (June 26, 2003).


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